the design portfolio of kiana shavalier

Les Grands Feux Loto-Québec


Les Grands Feux Loto-Québec

Introducing Les Grands Feux Loto-Québec, a fireworks festival that occurs annually in Quebec City on the St. Lawrence River. Often overshadowed by a similar event in Montreal, Les Grands Feux still attracts thousands of people a year to Quebec’s capital for a free festival that blends music and pyrotechnics together into 6 beautiful nights of light and sound.


The Redesign

After a thorough exploration of visual styles and research, I finally came up with a brand that was fun, appealed to a wide audience (fireworks are fun for everyone), and bold. I used the quirky sans Classic Grotesque for the logo, and framed primary colours with the black of the night sky to create a high contrast effect. I sought quirkiness in the graphic elements as well to keep the design from veering into corporate territory. Approachability was key. And of course, I was sure to keep the system bilingual.


The first object I designed with the system as it neared completion was the booklet below. I’d tried designing other pieces with different designs and didn’t reach something that worked until I got to the booklet. There were enough levels of type hierarchy and complexity that updating the other festival components became fairly straightforward afterward.


The Swag

Sometimes the best things about festivals are the goodies! Since the basic informational pieces had been designed, it was fun to create some festival loot. I designed some cheap fireworks glasses that could be handed out at the event. I didn’t actually get the prismatic paper for the lenses though, which is why they look empty in the photos.


The Environment

To generate excitement throughout the cities, it made sense to make light pole banners that could temporarily line the streets. I played around with the colour palette to get some variety in the look.



This project was incredibly challenging for me because I was trying to appeal to a wide demographic while also creating something stylish. I went through a lot of designs before I starting using Classic Grotesque, and it became the anchor for the whole project because it had the feeling I was aiming for. I found that I did too much at first, and had to scale back elements like the colours and patterns for the system to finally come together.