the design portfolio of kiana shavalier

Unity Festival 2018


Unity Festival 2018

Unity is a non-profit dedicated to encouraging resilience in youth across Canada with hip hop arts. Each year they have a festival to engage the community and share their creativity, and I was lucky enough to be able to work with them on developing their brand for their 2018 festival. My role in this project was to design all of the assets for the festival once the brand was decided by the Festival Coordinator and Design Lead.



When it came to developing the visual language for the festival, we concentrated on developing the festival’s look first with the flyers. The festival co-ordinator wanted this year’s festival to take a more inclusive, friendly spin on hip hop, especially since Unity’s goal is to uplift young people of all backgrounds.

To let the photography be the main attraction, we decided to use a lowercase, buoyant sans-serif in complimenting colours as the main typographic feature. One of the most challenging parts of this design was creating a consistent type hierarchy on the back of each flyer. It took many hours of trial and error to get an organized, consistent look across all three flyers.


Festival Banners

To create some recognition for the events, the plan was to make a number of banners and place them at all three venues. We reused the typography from the flyers with the same imagery to keep a consistent feel.


Digital Ads

I used footage from previous festivals and clips of featured artists to make a quick, soundless 15-second advertisement that was displayed in four different public hotspots. I created the animation using the “plus” sign, as I featured the element previously on the flyers.

Since there were multiple screens to contend with, I had to move the animations around to fit the various dimensions.



It was challenging to come up with the branding, because we had to consider the stereotypes surrounding hip hop and how to subvert them. I’m pretty satisfied with the outcome and was really grateful for the learning opportunity. Getting input from both the Festival Coordinator and the Design Lead was incredibly valuable, and running the designs through other employees and hearing about their needs was an eye-opening work experience. I felt like a much stronger designer after my 10-week stay with Unity.